About us


On my first trip to Bali, I accepted an invitation to inaugurate a villa in the southwest of the island. The impressions of the people and their rituals fascinated me right at the beginning and in the last years I spent a lot of time getting to know their culture better.

The traditional craftsmanship has a permanent place in the history of Bali. Until the early 20th century, artistic activity in Bali was mainly for sacral purposes. Religious ceremonies in which elaborately designed offerings were the focus - as in the opening ceremonial already mentioned - and were expressions of artistic creation. It is amazing how artfully the wood carvers and carpenters perform their craft. The traditional carvings for temples and other important buildings are still made today as ever, the line between art and craft is fluid.

In Bali, the various crafts are mostly practiced in the specialized villages - but the center of crafts is in the geographical heart of Bali, the ancient capital Bali, Ubud.

Not least because of my learned profession as a goldsmith, who led me early into other cultures in North America and Europe, it is obvious that the affinity for precision, mindfulness and perfect form for the production of a treasure unites me with the craftsmen of Bali. From the beginning, I was enthusiastic about the beauty of the products made with a lot of knowledge about craftsmanship.

From the fascination and appreciation for the craftsmanship an idea was born, from an idea became a passion and out of this passion BaliDecoStyle, whose products I would like to introduce to you here.



Bali Deco Style